Can you whisk eggs in a blender ?

Yes. A blender can be used to whisk eggs. A few added tips: 1) Don’t add eggs straight from the refrigerator or from frozen, as they need time to reach room temperature before they will blend properly. 2) If your eggs are on the large side or very soft, you may need to use less liquid (starting with just a little extra water) and a small amount of flour to help incorporate all of the ingredients. 3) Never add cream cheese or other thickened dairy products (such as cottage cheese) directly into blending container unless your recipe calls for them. Instead, sprinkle these ingredients over finished batter before serving or else they’ll sink! 4) Be careful while operating your blender; don’t break down too many air bubbles which could lead to a lumpy batter.

Place your egg yolks and milk in the blender container, secure the lid, and turn the power to low. Slowly drizzle the sugar into your egg yolk mixture while it whizzes on its own. Increase speed or add more sugar gradually until all of it has been added. Turn off the blender, and beat with a silicone spatula for 30 seconds or longer as needed to ensure that all of the sugar has dissolved into the mixture.

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