Electric Hot Plate Algon 1 Stove 1000W


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Electric Hot Plate Algon 1 Stove 1000W

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, purchase Electric Hot Plate Algon 1 Stove 1000W and other Algon products! The best quality at the best price is now at your fingertips!


  • Power: 1000W
  • Type: Electric Hot Plate
  • Characteristics:
    • 1 Stove
    • Laptop
    • Compact
    • Thermostat
    • Temperature regulator
  • Approx. diameter: 15,5 cm

power: 1000 W. The Algon 1 oven features a thermostat and thermo regulator with 5 levels of temperature and can be used as a normal small oven or as a prep station. A switchable timer cuts off the power automatically when the food is ready to cool down. This oven uses electricity as well as gas – so it is also available in germany and austria

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5 Reviews For This Product

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    This together with a counter top oven is a great replacement for a full-sized range. I am able to produce all my cooked meals on the two burners. They heat up quickly, and maintain the heat for simmering, steaming or reducing liquids. Enough space between the burners to handle my 3 qt stainless steel puts, or a saucepan and frying pan at the same time.

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    I’ve been cooking w/ this unit for a number of weeks and I am happy w/ the unit. As an RVer, running exclusively solar, I am watchful of power consumption. I heat water several times a day for tea in a microwave, among other things. The hotplate heats a cup of water in half the time my microwave needs and while using less power during that; about 1kW (on high power) vs 1.4kW for the microwave. For hamburgers, steaks, fired rice the plate works great.

    What was important to me was the ability to set the wattage duty cycle (3 levels). One plate I had and returned ‘simulates’ low wattage by turning the plate on at full then shutting off power, cycling to effectively provide a lower wattage on average per minute. The Nuwave actually does let you turn the wattage down.

    The unit is quieter than the one I returned. The volume seems acceptable. What is also nice is when done w/ the cook cycle the fan stops unlike other plates.

    The unit, in standbye mode (never off), draws 113mA. It does display a red zero in standby but its not flashing. I plug the unit into a short floor strip and toggle in off

    I should add NuWave has a usefull owner’s manual/cookbook and Quick Start reference chart, the unit i return had a couple pages of poorly written operator info. What puzzels me is why a pan is provided but no lid as the some recipes specify a lid. Now this is where I nik NuWave. Tho the cooker is excellent the support is not.

    One can order a lid from NuWave, but the website would not process my order. Called – no answer. Chat – no one there. I emailed that I had a stuck order, since their website say ‘not’ to resubmit the order. That was WEEKS ago and got no reply. I went ahead and reorder several says ago as the website appeared to work. But I’ve received no order confirmation in these several days. I gave them the benefit of a doubt as the this was during the holidays

    At the time of this writing, again their chat does not work for inquiring about a purchace. Call one number; again on infinite hold. Found a different sales phone number sending me to option two for check your order. This directed me to call a different number. Calling that number the line was reported as disconnected. Persisting yet I eventually got customer service via chat.

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    I Have only a very good report. Works very well and it has efficient infrared element. I feel like a college kid

  4. 05


    I was living in a hotel for work and needed a stove top and this was a great cheep option I didn’t have hotspot in it and really easy to clean could not use a cast iron pan on it though and unfortunately it did not really have a great low heat setting

  5. 05


    The price and value are amazing

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